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Writer Productivity: Review for Speechnotes

How can I increase my daily wordcount? This is a question most writers will ask themselves at least once in their lifetime. Whether writing is just a hobby, or your main source of income, finding the time to get words down on a page can feel impossible at times. And even when you do get time to write, sometimes it’s just not enough. Not if you want to publish that book later in the year, or start a non-fiction writing business.

As a slower writer than many, writer productivity has become an obsession for me. I’ve investigated anything that purports to boost creativity and wordcount, but today I’m going to focus on my latest discovery: Speechnotes.

There are thousands of websites discussing how voice-to-text software helps writers. The leading brand in this field according to many writer-entrepreneurs is Dragon. More than once I’ve considered buying it, but the price-tag always puts me off, especially when I haven’t been convinced I’ll get a lot of use out of it. Speechnotes has been my temporary solution, and it’s a fantastic one for the price.

Speechnotes is a voice-to-text application you can download and use on your phone or in the Google Chrome browser on your desktop. And while there is a paid plan available, it is free to use if you don’t mind ads.

This voice-to-text application isn't perfect. It doesn’t get every word right, it may not differentiate between words like ‘2’ and ‘to’, and it relies on your internet connection. So, using it isn’t an option if you aren’t online. If you have the time to sit at your computer and compose well-written prose, this software can’t compare. But if you, like me, frequently find yourself having to choose between the housework and writing on a regular basis, Speechnotes makes it possible to do both.

With Speechnotes, I can fold the washing, do the dishes, and even cook while I write. And as a mother, this multi-tasking frees up my time so that I can spend more time with my family. Not only am I getting more writing done, and more housework, but I'm also spending less time at my computer. As someone who promotes health and fitness, that’s a real bonus. I spend less time straining my eyes from screens, and less time on my backside. Essentially, I’ve upped my word count and my step count.

Writing on the go with speech-to-text apps

Ideally, Speechnotes is suited to working on first drafts. It’s a great way to record ideas and thoughts so that you have the time to edit and rewrite them later. It also works well if you take handwritten notes and want to type them up quickly. The application has punctuation marks that are easily added by speaking the command, and the program intelligently capitalizes every word after a full stop. Better yet, you don’t have to spend time learning how to use the software and training it to understand you.

With this insight into how I might use a paid voice-to-text program, I feel more confident in making a decision about whether or not to buy Dragon software.

Speechnotes isn’t a cure-all, and there are more responsive applications out there, according to some reviewers. But this free program has increased my productivity and limited my procrastination. This application has given me more control of my life and created extra time. I no longer glare at the washing or the stack of dirty dishes, instead I get stuck into each chore knowing I can write 1,000 words while I work.

Just think, the next time you have to do the dishes or fold the washing, you could also be writing your first draft!

Have you used Speechnotes or voice-to-text software to increase your productivity? Give us your feedback in the comments section below 😊


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