Leap of Faith

Faith Thompson never thought she’d see Chase Stevens return to the small town of Mercy. She certainly didn't expect him to come back as her new landlord, set on selling the home she's had for the past seven years. Faith never found the courage to tell Chase how she felt back when they were still friends, and she’s determined to keep those old feelings dead and buried now that he’s back. After all, it devastated her the last time he left, and Chase already has plans to leave again for his life in L.A. But the more time Faith spends with Chase, the harder it is to ignore the way she’s always felt about him.


With potential heartbreak looming on the horizon, Faith has a decision to make: does she take a leap of faith and tell the only man she’s ever loved how she feels, or does she push him away and let her heart heal for good?

Leap of Faith is available for pre-order on Amazon

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