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The Sheila: My own dislike for the heroine is the #1 reason I put down a book. Writing a female character for women is T-O-U-G-H. She has to be flawless. I don't know how to make a flawless character
The Swede: (serious nod) women are harsh
The Sheila: Mac's had her share of criticisms
and yeah, women are biatches
The Swede: it never ceases to amaze me that it's ok for the hero to be flawed and either improve or not, but the heroine has to be perfect, basically a cardboard cut-out
I'd much rather read a flawed heroine, with a good heart and good intentions, and see her develop
I can't put myself in a flawless heroine's shoes
those books bore me to tears
perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect body (puke)
snotty heroines are out for me, too
and some pirate novels use them... so many i don't finish bc of a picture perfect stuck-up one-dimensional heroine
The Sheila: same. I want to see the imperfect girl get the guy bec I can relate to the imperfect girl
The Swede: (highfive)
The Sheila: and I think it's important that both characters have develpment arcs. If the woman is...being difficult, it needs to be countered by the guy dealing with his own issues for me to enjoy it, but that's me.

June 24, 2013​

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