The Sheila

(according to the Swede)

 I first got to know the Sheila through her writing. Back then, I wasn't reading too much romance, but the description of her story drew me in. So did her author's note, referencing a romance novel imprint I recognized from years back. I commented on her story, she wrote me a message, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Over the years, I've gotten to know this amazing writer as a perfectionist at her craft, a dedicated mom and wife, a loyal friend, and all around great "Sheila". 


The Sheila has an Australian accent (she'll tell you she absolutely does not). 


The Sheila will tell you she's always right (she's not).


The Sheila will rewrite her chapters over and over again, and each version will be awesome. 


The Sheila loves her readers, and she'll go above and beyond to let them know. She'll agonize over her chapters, trying to get them just right so her readers won't be disappointed.


In short, the Sheila is one awesome Aussie and I love her like a sister.    


The Swede

(according to the Sheila)

The Swede has an unfair amount of talent. She can do anything she sets her mind to. I know this, and yet she still manages to surprise me with what she’s able to accomplish.

The Swede can write for nearly any genre, but we bonded over our love of romance writing. She writes romance for the modern-day woman. Her characters are snarky, quick-witted and intelligent, and her quirky sense of humour shines through in everything she writes.

As a friend, she is loyal and generous to a fault. She’s also stubborn and proud, pronounces aluminium as aluminum (even though she’s Swedish, not American). And she likes to torture me by convincing my husband that we should all watch B-rate horror movies when she’s visiting Down Under.

I’ve often referred to the Swede as my bosom buddy (thank you Anne of Green Gables for that reference). She’s family to me, my best friend, my travel companion, and my co-adventurer. Whether she’s trying to convince me of my cat’s desire for world domination, or of Taylor Kinney’s attractiveness, she always manages to make me laugh.

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